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  • Pam<3S

    I am having problems while taking pictures because everytime i take pictures tne pictures always comes out with a line and a whitish color... is there a problem? i need answers ASAP because im going to use my camera this thuesday and today is already sunday in the afternoon... I need answers/advises ASAP.. tnx :)

  • Does it have a built in flash?

    Does it have a built in flash?

  • How do you download the pictures onto your computer?

    Does the cord come with the camera or do you have to buy it?

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    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    New reference number 3000####

    Old reference number 4003#####
    I am writing to inform you about the faulty Samsung TL100 Titanium Digital camera that I have purchased.
    On the 6th of May, I bought a Samsung TL100 Titanium Digital Camera. However, upon one week of being on vacation, it failed to turn on.
    On return of my vacation, I called 1800 SAMSUNG only to be told by ‘Rosa’ that there appeared to be a problem with my battery. I asked her how she knew this given that I had not explained the problem; she responded that she knew this camera and the problems associated with it. Rosa said she would have a new battery sent out to me.
    I received the new battery yesterday, and after charging it for a few hours I tried the camera, however, I still had the same problem. I called 1800 SAMSUNG and spoke to ‘Maurica’ who told me I needed to charge the camera for a minimum of 8 hours before I could place another service call. I charge the camera for 8 hours, however, still the same problem.
    This morning I called 1800 SAMSUNG and spoke to ‘Frederick’, I gave him the ticket number, he asked that I hold, however, the call was either lost or terminated.
    I called 1800 SAMSUNG back again and this time spoke to ‘Jennely’, I said I was getting frustrated and asked to speak to her supervisor. She transferred me her supervisor only to receive a message saying ‘the person you are trying to reach is not available, please try again later’ and disconnected me.
    I called 1800 SAMSUNG back again and spoke to ‘Rhonda’, who said she would put me through to customer support, ‘Mel’ took the call and said she would transfer me to ‘executive customer care’ as of writing this email, I am still on hold – it has been 2hrs and 43 minutes – long enough to write this letter.
    Also, yesterday I decided to complete the emailed customer satisfaction survey that I received, only to receive and error at the end of saying ‘error – ticket number not found’.
    I tried placing an online order for assistance through the Samsung website, however, because the ‘model’ number is not an option in your pull down menu – I am unable to place an online request for assistance. Please see attached URL for yourself.
    I tried calling the Samsung Customer Care number published on your website 1800 747 5618 only to find the number is no longer connected.
    I tried calling the Executive Customer Relations number 1800 522 7341 provided by your corporate office only to find it is no longer connected
    I attempted to email the customer service email address published on your website only to have it bounce back with the following error
    Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists:

    The recipient's e-mail address was not found in the recipient's e-mail system. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please check the e-mail address and try resending this message, or provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator.
    I consider the lack of customer service I have received a reflection on how you value your customers and consider the amount of time I have spent calling 1800 SAMSUNG to be totally unacceptable.
    Since my matter is still not resolved, I am desperately hoping that someone with a little ounce of customer service ability will read this email and act on it.