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Question: Samsugn SL 310W goes BEEP BEEP

I bought the Samsung SL310W early February. This was my first digital camera. All went well, I took some pictures, got them on the computer. A few days ago I went to use it, the lens went out, then the camera went BEEP BEEP, retracted the lens and shut itself off. I charged the battery until the light was green. Today I went to use the camera, again BEEP BEEP and a turned off camera. The monitor never does light up. I called Samsung, they want me to send it to a service center. As I have had this two months and it worked well initially, this concerns me. Does anyone have any ideas of something I could do besides sending it back?

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    You can't do anything more beside sending it back to Samsung Centre Service because your camera is not shockproof.

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