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  • Where do you find the serial no.? Is it on the box ?

    If so, which no. is it?

  • file error msg?

  • samsung L100

    my samsung L100 lens is stuck out , it turns on but will not turn off , it will not take pictures and lcd screen stays black. when hooked up to charge the usb turns red as if it was charging , but nothing else happens unless i take the battery out the back and that turns the power off.

  • what is the best setting for taking indoor photos

    hi, i dont seem to get a good photo indoors where the lighting is less and the photos dont match with the natural colours in the auto mode with the flash on , so which will be the best setting for taking indoor photos???

  • Samsung L100

    my samsung L100 digital camera has begun showing an file error message, when i get to a certain picture the camera shuts down. the camera is not even 5 months old.

  • will this camera connect to a laptop?

    will this camera connect to a laptop,the lead provided does not fit any where on my laptop so i can't download any photos.

  • Correct photo quality settings??

    My Samsung L100 takes blurry, and/or grainy quality photos, is there a setting I can change to correct this?

    Thanks for help.

  • Samsung L100 Card Locked Error

    I went to take a picture yesterday and the screen said "Card Locked." The SD Card was not locked. Is this something I can fix or do I need to return the product?

  • See below

    How can I change the date/time setting on my camera - it got entered by mistake

    Where is the memory card slot - I have an ew memory card but can't see where it should go.