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  • My LCD screen doesn't show a full screen. Th date appears on the

    My LCD screen doesn't show a full screen. Th date appears on the bottom of the screen within a black stripe

  • Does the wb500 10.2 mega pixel have a continous shooting mode?

    Does th ewb500 10.2 meg have a continous shooting funtion?

  • samsung WB500

    my SAMSUNG WB500 CAMERA have changed from coloured setting to black and white setting. how can i set it back to coloured setting

  • Is Samsung HZ25W/WB5000 better than Panasonic Lumix FZ35/FZ38?

    In terms of price, lens, processing engine, photo quality, reliability, features, performance, customer service and support does the Samsung HZ25W/WB5000 provide better value for money compared to the highly popular Panasonic Lumix FZ35/FZ38 super zoom camera currently? What is the difference between the HZ25W and WB5000 models? We all know there are some differences between Panasonic FZ35 and FZ38 models especially the maximum HD recording time.

  • fast picture burst

    i have a fast 4 year old son-my old camera cant' keep up by the time i take the picture my son is gone and not in the photo i am hoping this camera will focus and "click" for i miss the photo op