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Question: my camera isn't turning on. i need help!

i have a samsung s860 camera. everytime i try to turn it on, the lens moves out a little bit, it shows a blurry screen, it beeps, and then turns off. even if i get new batteries. is there a way to fix this , do i need to get it repaired, or what? i need help!

  • Re: my camera isn't turning on. i need help!

    The S860 takes disposable batteries such as regular AA or rechargeable AA. Check if you have the compatible batteries. If it still doesn’t switch on, follow these steps:
    • First take your Memory card off.
    • Then remove batteries and leave your camera without the batteries.
    • Then try start WITHOUT the memory card.
    • It should start like normal.
    IF your camera still won’t on, take it to the Samsung store to fix this problem.

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