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  • Image Stabalization on Pentax K-X

    I have read the review of CNET about image stabalization on Pentax K-x. They say its not good. Has anybody noticed the difference like shaky picture while shooting with Pentax K-X.

  • Pentax x Canon x Nikon

    Hi, I am going to buy a new camera and I am in doubt which one to buy: Nikon D90 x Pentax K7d x Pentax k-x and Canon 550.
    Thanks a lot for all your help.

  • What to do if the display screen shows no image?

    A day ago, I took pictures with my friend. Everything was fine. Today, I wanted to take more pictures, but every time I would, the display screen would only show blackness every time.

  • older lenses and functionality

    Does the camera have full focus etc functionality with older non DSLR lenses?