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Question: Camera for Photojournalism

I am contemplating on buying a compact digicam for use in
photojournalism. I wanted something small and compact, so that it will
be concealable and inconspicuous when i go on the street, yet with great
image quality without the problem of the delay when pressing the shutter
release. Because you know when the moment is gone, its gone. My mother
bought a Canon G9, and the size and feel in my hand seemed perfect,not to mention crisp images, but then there's that shutter lag when actually
taking a picture. I recently had my eye on the new Nikon Coolpix P80 ,
with its 18xOptical zoom lens, great image quality, and is said to be
pretty fast, though slightly bigger than the G9. Could anyone tell me
whether this would be a good buy for my purposes?

There have been two suggestions to me: the Panasonic Lumix LX3 and the Canon IXUS 980 IS/SD990. I cannot seem to decide, I have seen great reviews for the Panasonic LX3, the wide angle (24mm-60mm equivalent)lens is real plus, but im worried about Panasonic cameras' reputation of having problems with noise. The Canon SD990 is not as wide (36mm) but great manual functions, with Canon's reputation of image quality, and lightning fast operation is what I need, although the LX3's wide angle lens will allow me opportunity to be more expressive and experiment.

If anyone could
give me any other options and insight on this matter, it would be very much
appreciated. Thanks.


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    I would say go for the Canon camera. The Canon camera produces good quality pictures.

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