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  • What $300US camera has best specs for image quality?

    I am a novice looking to add photography to my list of hobbies. I want to learn how to take great pictures. I want a camera that takes the best possible pictures that $300US money can buy. I'm not sure how to read all the camera specifications or which ones affect image quality. Based on camera specifications, a floating $300US budget, and your expert opinions, what cameras should I be looking at to get some of the best pictures available in that price range? I would rather put less money in options and more into image quality. The camera will begin as a general use/snapshot until my knowledge grows. I want to take great pictures of my 3yr old and various nature/outdoor shots. Thanks!

  • Picture quality

    Is the picture quality good enough to print 10 x 8?

  • why do bright areas of pictures flash black in playback mode