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  • My question concerns a Moulinex LaMachine food proc

    My food processor hored away for a as been stgood 25 years or more. I recall that it was working fine the last time I used it. It has only been used less than say maybe 6 or 8 times. It has never been submerged, or beaten up, or treated roughly.
    I've been wanting to use it again. Have all the parts, & some paperwork on it-everything but the dang owner's manual!
    Problem: It will not turn on at all! I believe I have the parts placed in correctly & when plugged in, no sound. I turned it over, removed the 4 screws just to look to see if maybe a wire was broken or whatnot, but didn't see anything awry, Is there a reset button? Should I take an old toothbrush and scrub around (dry)in it? What could I do to check these wires? I have some little elec. tools or gauges that might see if it's getting power.
    Help! I don't want to have to throw it away to get a brand new one although I may not have a choice! Whatever you can offer to troubleshoot my "jam" that it's in-I greatly appreciate!Thank you-
    JennyWilliams, RN

  • how long dose it take ,for the battery to charge?

  • trouble shooting with my panasonic DMC-FX35

    I have a panasonic DMC-FX35 Camers which now only shows a white display screen when switched on, please can anyone advise on how i can clear this....or please tell me what is wrong with it.......very much appreciated

  • I haven`t got one single good picture with this camera yet.what`

    I bought this camera after reading the expert reviews six months ago and the photos are all noisy and not clear, even the colors are not good. I am not an expert photographer that`s why I bought this camera rather than a SLR or professional camera.I tried every possible settings but still one lousy photo after another.
    I live in Canada and I bought this camera in New York so taking it back to them is out of question specially after six months.

    I appreciate any suggestion. happy new year to all