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Question: Help......not getting good results at all.

OK, I beginning to feel like I'm missing something very obvious. I previously owned a Sony Cybershot. Basically - point and shoot. Wanted something a step above - got the Olympus SP 565 UZ. The pictures I've taken so far are aweful. Outdoors - no problem. Indoors - horrible. I took a series at my granddaughters cheerleading event - school gym - the zoom was terrible - pictures were grainy and out of focus. Took a few shots on Christmas - the family sitting around the living room - horrible. Out of focus - grainy - dark - ...... Could I have a bad camera? I'm wondering. Purchased on line - don't know if I have any recourse. I'm super disappointed and need some help.

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    What ISO are you using? Are you using the flash? Indoor shots without the flash or beyond the range of the flash can cause grainy photos depending on the camera settings. In auto mode, the camera trys to set itself to a high ISO which causes grainy photos.

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