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  • Help......not getting good results at all.

    OK, I beginning to feel like I'm missing something very obvious. I previously owned a Sony Cybershot. Basically - point and shoot. Wanted something a step above - got the Olympus SP 565 UZ. The pictures I've taken so far are aweful. Outdoors - no problem. Indoors - horrible. I took a series at my granddaughters cheerleading event - school gym - the zoom was terrible - pictures were grainy and out of focus. Took a few shots on Christmas - the family sitting around the living room - horrible. Out of focus - grainy - dark - ...... Could I have a bad camera? I'm wondering. Purchased on line - don't know if I have any recourse. I'm super disappointed and need some help.

  • Audio Problems during Video reproduction Oympus SP 565

    HI, Im a new user with this camera,
    I´ve filmed some family videos but when reproducing them, can´t hear no audio from them,
    Do you think the MIC might be damage, or something..audio settings seemed ok, according to instruction manual..
    thanks for any advice