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  • ib software

    I am new to Olympus and ib. When I transfer pictures to the computer I get white squares in front of the picture, and in a while a big black square covers all and just waits. I have to use CTRL-ALT-DEL to clear and end the process. What am I doing wrong?

  • Battery Charging

    When I connect to my XP computer it goes to charge immediately even when battery is almost at full charge. Can this be altered so I choose when to charge?

  • is the sd hc card format supported for the olympus fe 4030

    also is there a size limit(2GB, 4GB etc.)

  • How do I erase the pics off the camera after I download to pc.

    I have lost my manual. Could I get a replacement? I really need lots more info than I have.

  • FE 4030 Camera shake warning icon

    Every time I focus, the "Camera shake warning" icon shows in the monitor. Even if I place the camera on a table. Is that normal??