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Question: Is there a semi automatic mode?

I've been using a D80 for about a year and am ready for an upgrade. I don't want to get in the rhythm of buying a new consumer camera every few years and am looking to make a semi-long term investment. I am interested in full frame for taking real estate interior photos...

My question, is there a semi automatic mode that I can revert to? I'm somewhat frightened to move to a camera that will be completely reliant on me to make proper adjustments. Any thoughts/advice?

  • Re: Is there a semi automatic mode?

    You may want to look into a Nikon D700 that will probably give you the kind of functionality that you’re looking for. The camera features a 12.1 megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor with intergrated dust reduction system for automatic activation, Nikon F mount and lateral chromatic aberration reduction function. The D700’s ISO handling continues with Nikon’s brilliant semi-automatic ISO mode, in which you set the highest permissible ISO and the shutter speed at which the D700 should start raising it. It also has fully and semi-automatic Scene Recognition system which includes auto white balance even under mixed light sources; active D-Lighting which is Nikon’s in-camera dynamic range adjustment, where metering is performed with the 3D Color Matrix Metering II system; Live View with high-resolution LCD that allows for contrast-detect AF to focus more precisely, Electronic virtual horizon and picture control for images with customised look and feel.

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