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  • Wrong colors (yellow)?

    I was shooting at daytime with clouds and using manual mode, F8, speed 125, ISO 200 and with flash, but all pictures came out kind of yellow. Can anyone help what did I do wrong?

  • Is there a semi automatic mode?

    I've been using a D80 for about a year and am ready for an upgrade. I don't want to get in the rhythm of buying a new consumer camera every few years and am looking to make a semi-long term investment. I am interested in full frame for taking real estate interior photos...

    My question, is there a semi automatic mode that I can revert to? I'm somewhat frightened to move to a camera that will be completely reliant on me to make proper adjustments. Any thoughts/advice?

  • what does the buzz and activity graphics mean?

    no definition. how the heck does this help me know if this is a good product for me?

  • is this camera realy worth $3,000?