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  • flash does not work and cannot focus indoors

    my camera use to work excellent, now the flash does not work and I cannot focus my lens indoors can someone help me?

  • can change the focal area to focus all 3 areas at same time?

    I am wondering if you can change the focal areas to have them all focus at the same time instead of just one area??

  • Lens for Nikon D60

    I would like to buy Nikon D60 camera and trying to decide which is the best lens to buy. Since, at this time I am buying only one lens? I am looking for the best ans most versatile lens. As I been looking into this, I also like to know if their is a difference between the steel or plastic mount on the lens?

  • I'm new to the nikon D60 and I have to take a photo of my dad so

    I'm new to the nikon D60 and I have to take a photo of my dad so his picture can be in a magazine. They said the photo must be in 300dpi. Can I take a photo in 300dpi, in other words- how do I go about changing the dpi in my camera? Or is it easier to just edit it on irfanview?

  • Between rock and hard place...

    I'm new to DSLR. Have for years owned Canon (A-1, AE-1). I'm in the graphics
    business, and use Photoshop on a daily basis, so retouching is second nature to me.
    The pixel issue should not be a problem for what I do (D40–6.0, or D60-10.0).
    It seems, from sample pixs I've seen, blowing up in P-shop, getting in tight
    on subjects for detailed touching up should be okay. What's your opinion?

    I'm on a limited budget at the moment (aren't we all), and need to get a DSLR which
    will stay with me for the long haul. Had to borrow a friend's Panasonic Luminex;
    I was in a bind; had to use it. Lousy results. Too low res for retouching.

    If there are any graphics people or pro photographers out there, who use either a
    D 40 or D60, your suggestions would be more than welcome. Which camera should
    I get? I've kind of had it with Canon.


  • light graph when viewing pictures on the camera

    I took pictures at my daughters game yesterday with the sports setting and when I went to go view them in the auto setting -it came up with something that looked like a graph with yellow on it -something like a light sensor or something guiding me for light-not sure what it is and I can't figure out how to get it off my screen so I can view the pictures normally. I'm not sure if I hit a button or what so if anyone has any suggestions how to get it off there so I can view the pictures normally without the graph coming up on top of the picture i'd appreciate it. It doesn't state in the manual anything about a graph popping up but i'm guessing it's a gage as to how much or how little light was used but not sure.

  • How's the flash on this at close ranges?

  • Second hand D200 or new D60 for dslr beginner?

    I'm buying a dslr camera, I'm a beginnner, but want a good camera. I'm deciding between a D60 (£329) or a second hand D200 which a friend is selling, with two lenses, for £500. Which is the best buy?

  • does it come with lenses?

    I know most high end cameras don't come with lens, but what kind does this come with? I see two in the pictures..