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Question: How will the D5000 do in low light?

I'm looking for a dslr that is decent in low light. Specificly, takng photos of my daughter preforming on stage. Does anyone have experience with a similar situation and how the D5000 hadled it?

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    I used D200, 300, 80, 50...but when I started to use D5000 I was so surprised! I do photos for events e.g. Belly Dance, Bollywood, Latin Dances, so a lot of moviments in low light, normal light, doesn't matter this camera works perfectly! Also is fast to capture any type movement. Please see my photos in orkut.com or facebook.com. ALso I covered all carnival parade in Rotterdam and I did not need to use any photoshop at all. Try D5000 you will enjoy it! Contact me if you wish at dortas@hotmail.com

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