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  • Color issues

    I have one of these and all of the reviews rave about the colors being "natural" and I have not had this experience. For Christmas my son was wearing a red shirt and it showed up magenta. Also my hair is red and I was wearing a green shirt and my hair had green tones to it as well as yellow and brown (no red). I am using all the default settings but I have played around with the others and have had no luck. I am using my basic indoor lighting I have always used with taking candid point and shoot pictures. Is there anything I can do differently?

  • Nikon s640...how are the videos??

    hi...i had the panasonic zr1 also and returned it bc i hated the interface - mostly the switch from play to record mode, i hated not being able to hit the shutter and record or turning it on to snap a quick pic of the kids and darn it, it's on play mode...grrr! anyway, i bought the samsung tl225 bc i LOVED the dual lcd screen (so cool!!), but now i hate the touch screen - it changes the menu options accidentally all the time - especially when you turn the camera to record a pic of yourself using the front lcd screen...so frustrating but the kids liked it too!! the biggest problem i'm having is that the videos, even though they are .mp4 and can be viewed properly through quicktime and itunes on my macbook, imovie and idvd will not recognize them and i can't burn them! i talked to some apple "creative geniuses" and they said that this problem is common for some reason with sony and kodak camera videos and that i should stick with canon or nikon!! so i think i like the s640 but i'm trying to avoid buying and returning another camera and i need it asap!! i really care about the quality of the videos...can you tell me how good or bad they are and also if you are able to zoom optically while shooting video??? previously i had a canon sd870 and i liked it a lot but i felt like the flash was too powerful bc when i took pics of the kids relatively close up it seemed to white out their faces...and you could only zoom digitally while shooting video!

    if you have time, i would REALLY appreciate your feedback! thanks in advance!!

  • Nikon Coolpix s640

    How clear is the quality and sound on video mode on the coolpix s?640