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    I just bought the d-Lux 5 and over Christmas shot some family get-togethers. My son has the Canon S95 and HIS camera blows mine out of the water. The color rendition is way better, my camera makes every face I take a picture of really red, the colors of the photos themselves are VERY warm (too red for me) yet...his $300 camera "NAILS IT" every shot. I was SO embarassed. WHAT'S UP with the Leica? Anyone else having troubles with theirs? THANKS! I am also thinking about taking the Leica back and buying a G12. Great reviews on the G12 but I have ALWAYS wanted a Leica! Now...I am sorry I bought it. HELP!

  • What would be the main weakness of the Leica D-Lux 5 ?

    Hi all,
    I read a few reviews, I found good about this camera... So I will be quite interesting to get feedbacks about the main weaknesses of the D-Lux 5.
    Eventually, I wanted to buy the Canon S95 but the 24-95 mm zoom of the leica seems more interesting to me than the 28-105mm of the S95.
    Thx. Frank