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  • is the battery that comes rechargable?

    I just bought a new Kodak Easyshare Z1485 IS Camera....i was really glad when i bought it.....but i was really disappointed when the battery comes with the camera died....i keep buying AA batteries and i got sick of it....so i decided to buy the charger....i tried to charged but it doesnt seem its charging, the light comes up is color green , it should be color red first while charging, and if its done it will turn to green....my question, is it charging or not ..? or maybe the battery that comes up with the camera is not rechargable...? I dont know anymore but im getting sick of it already....hope somebody can give or share ideas of my problems.!

  • Short term battery life

    any way around the battery issue? or has kodak come up with a newer model that gives you all the same with a rechargeable?

  • usb port

    my usb port will not fit inside the camera port. I know i have the right cord put it still will not fit

  • Thinking of buying Kodak Z1485 IS - any hints please?

    I understand about batteries (it uses lots) but I'd be very worried if photo's were to come out blurry and some people have noted???

  • Won't buy without eyepiece

    I have a 12 meg pix kodak thats eats batteries like a pig. My four mega pixel only used the viewer if it was a video. Why can't they have a eye lense instead of wasting batteries by using lcd screens "only" lately?