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  • Charging time

    what would be the charging time !! how many hours will I charge it for getting best support !!

  • memory

    is there a limit on the size of sd (GB)card you can use with this camera, 2,4,8,16GB?

  • Did Kodak enhance/fix the features in the new M575?

    Did they fix the following:
    1. Can we now apply perfect touch in P mode to selected pictures other than wasting time to apply it picture by picture?
    2. Does the new m575 save you last mode selection when you power it off, so for those how like to handle photo in P mode for their convenience do not really have to press mode and select P mode every time they power the camera (because of lack of Dial key)
    3. In Smart capture mode, do we have to stick with the focus spot instead of having multi-zone focus like in P mode?
    4. Are there any options for picture compression?
    Actually I do not want to be disappointed like I've been with my Kodak M1033