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  • does anyone have a problem with it freezing and pics not clear

  • Downloading to Adobe Photoshop

    Went from Kodak V530 to M381. Have always downloaded from dock to Kodak software and my Adobe Photoshop with no problem. I like to use Adobe as all my picture are in there in specified groups. M381 will not download to Adobe. I can't get my computer to recognize the camera but it never did my 530 either but still worked fine. Appreciate any ideas. This camera is a hassle so far.

  • charger broke

    my charger broke how can I charge my battery?


  • My M381 makes alot of noise just moving it around, is it normal?

    As my kodal M381 camera is moved back and forth on Camera Mode, it makes alot of noises, is this normal due to the imagae processor feature or is my specfic camera defective??

  • Pictures full of lines

    I just purchased a Kodak Easyshare M381 and every picture I take is full of tiny parallel lines. I have tried changing the settings but everything still has all these lines in it. What am I doing wrong or is the camera defective?

  • Shutter speed

    How does it take action pictures? I am looking for faster fps, without going to a SLR

  • What is the quality of video from this camera?

    Can this camera be used to make home movies?

  • Kodak easyshare M381 camera

    I received this camera as a gift, need to know if I will be able to use my existing computer software in editing pictures from this camera or if I will be restricted in using only the Kodak software? I also plug my cameras into several computers, would I be required to download the kodak software with each computer or can I use my existing software.