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  • instruction book and how to SHARE

    i have the c190...don't have a manual. got the camera and it wouldn't even turn on. I tried the batteries it came with and even another set. I could hear it but nothing would open. That was about a yr ago...just now I went to take out the card I had left in there and decided to try it again. Put new batts in and woohoo - it worked. Now I have to figure the in and outs of it and my daughter is leaving on sunday for a trip- i am sending it with her. How do I download an instruction booklet. AND how do i use the SHARE. I pushed the button...choose my pictures...made a new tag for them now what - how do I get them to say facebook. It processed with a moving red signal line but nothing followed. please help quickly thanks

  • Why do I get blurry pictures

  • Have lost instruction book. where can I get one?

  • connection between c190 and my laptop

    my camera is the C190,I have had it for a long time but was not using until recently, today I connected to my laptop to transfer some photos but it did not work: (1:) I turn on the camera , (2 :) make the connect to laptop with the cable that came with the camera,(3 :) the camera then goes off,( 4:) message about drivers will pop-up, Questions: would i have gotten drivers on a CD when the camera was purchased? If I did I might have lost them. Do I get drivers online?
    what must I do?

  • shutter speed

    i wanted 2 know how can shutter speed be varied in easyshare c190

  • Lag time???

    When you push the button to take a picture is there a lag time?

  • have set time and date but it doesn't print onto photos