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  • Buy the camera but U need more kit 2 make it work.

    Fujifilm FinePix J250 runs around $100 for a 2009 P+S still/video compact model. But off the shelf by itself it won't do much, even turn on! Like all brands you will need batteries, not AA's with this model, several NiMh kinds boasting more 12V (AC/DC-EU) holds a charge longer the more U spend, & with those U need chargers, (in-home & maybe in car too), memory cards galore more GB='s more memories. Start with an min 8GB SDHC, or your memories will be limited to VGA video and kilo-pixel stills. CABLES, 2-kinds USB + A/V sets, carry-bag, tripod is nice, software CD if it pulls the data into my 'puter I'll B a happy camper. Bottom line is the whole package runs into the $200 range, but isn't that true of 90% of the off the shelf 'point 'n shoot' compact cameras in a profit driven industry? No flames please, just be savvy with what U need to make this work well and even lo-end add-ons turn this into a $175 P+S compact camera. I'm getting one because of very bad expensive & multiple probs with the 3 Nikon Coolpix models L-S I have gone thru as a serious hobby photo buff.