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  • HS20 EXR Internal Battery ?

    In many of the older cameras, (other brands) the internal battery was user changeable through a bottom door on the camera, etc. I so hope Fujifilm has done something like this with the New HS20 EXR. This is the one thing keeping me from purchasing this camera... as I asked below, Is the Internal Memory Battery of the HS20 EXR easily user changeable? What is the life of the internal memory battery of this camera? If this battery is not user changeabe what will Fuji do to remedy this problem when the battery goes bad, such as in my finepix 3800? Rett

  • HS20 EXR Internal Battery ?

    Is the internal memory battery user changable? What is the "life" of the internal memory battery? (I have a finepix 3800 and after about 4 years the internal batter is bad. I have research to find this is a common problem with that camera)I'm wondering what Fujifilm has done with it's newer cameras specifically the HS20 EXR concerning this problem? Is the internal battery capable of easily being changed by the user? I want this camera but I'd like more information on this. Thanks, Rett

  • fujifilm hs20

    Ay idea what time the camera will ne for sale in the USA?
    Need a camera before may 1st, because go on vacation to Africa.