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Question: nikon l110 or Canon SX20IS

Dears, i cannot chose between nikon l110 and canon sx 20IS , please hlep me with this chose, i'm going to buy camera wichi one to choose???

  • Re: nikon l110 or Canon SX20IS

    They are very different cameras. And, they do not really compete against each other.

    If you know nothing about photography and you do not want to learn anything, then the Nikon is a great camera. It makes life simple. The Canon can be fully automatic, but it has lots of options that a beginner may find get in the way. The Canon is a wonderful camera for learning photography. It has lots of adjustable and configurable aspects.

    So judging that your question compares Apples to Oranges, I would assume that you have limited knowledge of photography and want to juet enjoy being creative and taking pics. So I would say GET THE NIKON. It may be more for you.

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