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  • i have purchased canon sx10IS ,but to my surprise its not giving

    i have purchased canon sx10IS ,but to my surprise its not giving me crystal clear pictures ..inspite of that ..i am getting images a bit blurred ...!!
    could any one of you please suggest which setting i have done wrong !! as in the starting i played with the settings and i think,may be i have done something wrong !!
    can u help me ...with default setting
    *I used "auto" mode for pics...

    please reply at :: kaul.shobhit@gmail.com


  • Canon PowerShot SD780 IS / SD960 IS

    what is the difference between a canon powershot sd780 IS when it says view and capture HD video vs a sd960 IS it says HD video recording

  • Low battery notification

    Is there somewhere in the viewer of the Powershot S5IS that tells me when the batteries are getting low? Or does it just shut down?

  • Questions about camera: "Canon Powershot SX10 IS"

    Does this camera support timelapse recording? Is it durable? Would this camera satisfy an avid photographer? What type of view finder does it have?
    Thanks for the help, Gabe

  • How to use Color swap

    How do I use the color accent mainly the color swap.

  • Taking pictures of an indoor basketball game

    I have had the Canon PowerShot SX10 IS for about a month now. I have never been able to take any decent pictures of my daughter's basketball games, but am hoping to now that I have this new camera. I have the turn dial set on sports, but the problem I am having is that if my daughter is running or moving, she becomes a blur. The girls on the court that are not moving photograph great, but the ones who are moving are one big blur. What can I do to correct this? Again, these are indoor basketball games in a gymnasium? Thanks!

  • Light fixtures causing vertical banding

    When I frame a picture to take that's indoors and where there is a ceiling light visible in the viewfinder, vertical bands of whitish light extend from the light itself al the way to the bootom of the frame (though these bands don't actually show up in the picture - only the view finder). Is this an issue with this camera or is my camera defective?