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  • Replacement for Powershot SD990 IS?

    I need a point-and-shoot that will produce pix suitable for print use (300 dpi). I loved but lost my Canon Powershot 990IS and learned that Canon has discontinued it (and wondering why). Looking to replace this for under $400 and don't know whether to buy an S90, a used 990, one or something newer. What is comparable to the SD990, including movie capability? I'm seriously considering a Sony Cybershot DSCTX7 but it's very pricey. Thanks in advance for any advice.

  • Does it take great low light action photos indoors?

  • Canon Powershot s90 problem

    Hi, I've purchased the Canon Powershot S90 and the function dial turns but does not recognise the function selected, ie, I select the Manual function and it still tells me that I am in video mode.

    Any suggestions as it's driving me crazy