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Question: HELP! need video asistence with canon powershot 23 is

ello people i have a proplem wiht this camra i have purchets a larger memmory card for this camara (the one that came with it can only do aobut 10 min of video) however once i got it in to a editing procram everyting hit the fan
1. wen trying to finilice the work progect it wasnt compatable wiht wmp(windows media player for u pplz new at this :P) Maby just crappy softwhere... but then it took 10 yes 10 hours to export the viedo... im running a xps laptop wiht a dule core prosserser and a media upgrade.(this should be quick work)
2. when i upen up the pictures file now (where the vidos are stored) the windows EXPLORER CRASHES yes like the stinking "my pictures" file. is this just a crappy eding program causing this or the camra and need to look for a more long time fix.

ne advice is helpful ty