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  • guidance neede about psr 910 and 950

    Dear sir/madam
    I wanted some guidance from you in selecting a keyboard. I am a bit worried and indecisive.

    I want to choose a keyboard amomg yamaha psr s950, psr s 750, psr s 910.

    I have seen many reviews but still need guidance.

    I wanted to actually buy 950 but the user reviews confuse me.
    I read somewhere about psr 950 that:

    (Following is what i read from a forum)

    " What I've found was that compared to the S950, the S910 sounded brighter with full sounds.
    Interestingly enough, the S950 sounded dull and thin compared to the S910.
    However, the built-in speakers on the S910 looked rather larger than on the s950
    http://www.psrtutorial.com/forum/index.php?topic=20083.0 "

    And from one more blog i read

    " There is no after touch on this expensive keyboard 950 and this is serious omission considering that this is 2nd top Yamaha model.

    The "super articulation" is not good in all situations and play style. The right hand volume and timbre gets uneven and I wish that it could be user controlled easily, as on/off.

    FROM http://en.m.audiofanzine.com/keyboard-arranger/yamaha/psr-s950/user_reviews/r.114074.html """

    i was intending to buy 950 but now i m unhappy and worried and indecisive so therefore i need help from some one who has used 910 750 and 950.

    Which board has the BEST QUALITY SOUND? is 750 better than 950 in terms of sound quality? Is 910 better or all are equal? I want yo buy the keyboard which has best sound quality? Please recommend me but recommend the best among the three. I personally want 2 buy 950 but after reading the blogs i need advice. Please help. I hope 950 sound quality is not inferior to 750 and 910. If u think that i shouldnt buy 950 let me know then. Help help help help help help.