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  • Bill Pan

    HI everyone! i have this digital frame(SPF-107H) and i think i accidentally delete the build-in file that supposed to pop out when connecting to my MAC Pro. and now the file dont pop out anymore and i dont know how to create a new file to this digital frame there for im not able to put in any pictures! so anyone out there know how to fix this problem? thank you so much

  • are any extra items needed such as battery or memory card?

    ...is a battery included and a memory card?? What extra items are needed?

  • How does it display 4:3 pictures?

    How does it display 4:3 pictures? Does it crop to fit the screen / does it show black bands on the sides / does it leave you the option ...?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Does the Samsung SPF-107H have an internal rechargeable battery?