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  • Is it possible to combine audio with a slide show

  • Kodak P730 Question.

    I have a Kodak P730 and as it files through 300+ images, it arrives at a point or points where it tells me "File Is Bad". It does not indicate the file name as the online guide says it should. I have already returned one frame because it was thought possible that the internal memory was bad. Now I am running the images from a brand new thumb drive and having the same issue. Does anyone know an easy way of determining which picture file is bad? I am not sure how to match up the picture specs provided in the guide with the specs for my pictures. All of my pictures appear to exceed the specs (i.e. picture size according to iPhoto 2736 × 3648) , but appears most are displaying with no problem.

  • digital photo frames

    I want a frame that reads from a usb or card that is easy to use and has the best picture not many bells and whistles just plug in and watch. Which would be the best one?

  • Are there any digtal photo frames that support video?

  • Meos 12.1"Digital Photo Frame -any reviews?

    i am interested in the above however have not seen many net reviews so if you have experience of this model please let me know your thoughts. i plan to buy one which is either 10"or 12" as a gift so if you can recommend any others of these sizes pease let me know.

    most grateful


  • Does such a feature exist?

    I'm planning to scan a bunch of pictures from different holidays. I would like to be able to store these on a digital picture frame that allows me to group the images together by holiday. When that particular holiday comes up, I can select that series of pictures to run in a slideshow. Does such a feature exist?

  • Battery operated digital frame

    I am looking for a small digital photo frame that is (or can be) battery operated.