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  • Does this frame has built in alaram and auto power on and off?

    Does this frame has bulit in alram, when we preset the alaram does the frame switch on automatically and play music and pictures for preset amount of time and shut down automatically.

  • Kodak W1020 can't find photos over wireless

    I bought the Kodak w1020 Digital Frame so I could access photos from my computer's hard drive, but I can't get it to access my photos over wireless. It has picked up the signal from the wireless router and lists my computer as a device, but no photos show up. The frame itself asks me to press "allow" on the computer to grant access, but I'm not sure where I am supposed to do this. I have hit "allow" everywhere Norton 360 will let me.

    The troubleshooter tells me that the Norton firewall may be blocking access, but it says the same thing even when I turn Norton off.

    Any ideas? Thanks!