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  • automatic continuous scrolling

    After the M1020 has finishing scrolling through the pictures on a USB drive, I want it to automatically go back and start again from the beginnning. Can this be organised and, if so, how? Thank you.

  • Frame not powering on

    My screen won't power up - My frame is just over one year old and has been great but just suddenly the frame won't come on. I have removed the power cord from the frame for 5 secs as per troubleshooting instruction - but that hasn't made any difference. Help please... Dorothy

  • Can't get video to play

    I've tried to put video on the M1020 in MOV, AVI, MPG, MPEG formats and all of them look terrible on playback. What are the specific specs to play back video on this device?

  • Using Folders in a USB

    I am using a USB connection loaded with several Folders of photos from different family events. Is it possible to play everything as a slide show without stopping and opening each folder when the previous folder is done?

  • playing videos on the picture frame

    I love the digital frame picture viewing aspect of it, but am having trouble with the video part of it. My avi videos play fine, but the sound comes in and out so that you cannot follow what is being said. Not sure if it is the frame not working properly or a problem with my files. I talked with Kodak and i know what files work. However, I don't know what compression my videos are in. I downloaded a video editing software virtualdub I think it was, and tried to resave the video in a form that works for the frame, but the frame cannot even pick up the video on the disk. It doesn't even show me that it is there so it doesn't seem to have worked. I could have done something wrong of course.

    Anyone else have trouble with playing videos on the picture frame?

    Any tips appreciated.


  • Music on Digital Frame

    How do I get a music track from my PC to the digital frame? I tried copying a track from PC onto a usb but when I put it in Kodak DFrame it is still telling me there is no music found?

  • How to use USB?

    I have bought one Kodak M1020 Digital Frame yesterday. I inserted USB drive containing several photos into it. But it can not detect the USB drive and also can not show the photographs in the USB. Can anyone help me?

  • Connecting to computer

    My M1020 frame won't connect with USB cable directly to my computer but works fine with the memory stick in the USB port. Does anyone know if the frame will connect to a computer?
    I have tried replacing the frame's firmware but still no luck.