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  • Can I recover video from the internal memory if I inadvertently

  • Sony HDR-CX150 burning a standard dvd?

    I want to be able to transfer my videos to dvd and play them in a standard dvd player but I have not been able to figure out how to do it. I have tried converting the hd video to standard and then buring it to dvd but I just get a disk error unless I play it through my PS3. Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Anti Jitter?

    Am I correct to assume that this has anti jitter or is that the default these days?

  • 1080 High Definition Copies

    How can I make 1080 high definition copies of a video? The Sony Style Store in Los Angeles does not have an answer.

  • Sony CX150 camcorder question

    Does the Sony CX150 camcorder have an accessory shoe for an external light or microphone?