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  • how do I clear the memory card from the video camera

  • Why the image captured is not clear?

    Why the image captured is not clear

  • SANYO VPC HD 1010 image problems

    I am having trouble with the video images jumping when I dowload to PC

    anyone any ideas ?

  • the Sanyo Xacti VPC HD800 can I change the display Language?

  • Standard TV output problems

    Has anyone had trouble connecting to a non-HD TV ?
    I only get scan lines that tell me the resolution is too high for the TV in spite of the fact that I have set my TV output options. I get the same results with S-video and composite. It seems that either the camera is not trying to output the format I have specified, or that a full-HD signal will not downsample and output correctly. The manual says nothing about being unable to playback 1080 signals to a 480 TV.

  • 30fps vs 25fps

    Hi. This looks like a very interesting little camera. However, i see that it shoots in 30fps and it worries me a little bit. I live in Europe and 25 fps is a standard here. Will this be a problem?