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  • what's the best DSLR cameras?

    I just bought a camera from camera.com

  • where can i get batteries and sd/mmc memory cards for my pentaso

    Where can you buy extra batteries and an sd/mmc memory card for PENTASONIC GB-280 CAMCORDER PLEASE

  • what is the best flip camcorder?

    What is the best flip camcorders for quality filming?

  • best for an 11 y.o. boy

    Looking for good, affordable digital camcorder for 11 y. o. step-son. Needs to be Mac compatible.



  • Panasonic v. Samsung & hard drive v. memory cards

    I am looking to buy a camcorder, basically for holidays, parties, etc., and after going through loads of reviews, etc., think I have narrowed it down to either Panasonic HDC-TM700 / HDC-SD700, or Samsung HMX-S10 / HMX-S15.

    Can someone help with opinions regarding the 2 cameras, and also whether it is worth paying the extra and buying the version with hard drive just the version without.

  • Have you heard of pentasonic

  • I am looking for a camcorder with audio input jack

  • how do i store on dvd

  • Video Quality. What am I missing?

    Since become interested in video cameras, I have been looking carefully at all video sources. Especially pre-recorded DVDs and BlueRays. I like the quality of pre-recorded video, good shadows, low noise, really clear images, no motion artifacts, no patchy blotches, beautiful skin tones, nice smooth pans, solid focus, etc. DVD quality is quite acceptable, 720x480 (NTSC DVD) or 720x576 (Pal DVD), whats that? about 400Kpixels? We're talking SD resolution here aren't we.

    Now I look at all the latest HD camera files I can find - 720P, 1080i, 1080p, short clips of course usually 10-20sec, thats enough to download. And while camcorders have come a long way, frankly I am very disappointed in the results when comparing them to ordinary DVD SD quality.

    What am I missing here? Ok, bad panning, focus and lighting is not necessarily the camera's fault. But all the artifacts, blotchiness, noise, poor shadows and highlights, poor color, poor gamma, just lack of clarity. The quality reminds me of where digital still cameras were 8 years ago and bad jpeg compression. Any comments or insight for me by the pro videographers? What's it take to get good as DVD SD quality? Thxs, Rick

  • Seek camera with viewfinder, good in low light

    My first camcorder was a JVC GR-AXM80U that records on VHS-C tape.
    I was very impressed by how well it performed in low light.
    A few years ago, I bought a Sony DCR-SR40.
    Although I liked many things about this camera, found two things I hate:
    ~ It is very poor in low light.
    ~ It has no viewfinder.
    After using this camera several times, I have learned that it is nearly impossible to take decent video without using a viewfinder. No matter how hard I try, I pan much too quickly and have trouble holding the camera steady, or aiming it via the display screen.
    When will I be able to buy a new model that is digital, good in low light, has a view finder and doesn't cost over $1000?

  • what is the best camcorder for low light conditions

  • Best HD camcorder for ~$1000?

    I'm looking for a HD & HDD camcorder for around ~1000. I thought that the Canon's were pretty good, but it looks like the Sony's have better reviews here. I'm not a professional and am just looking for something that all around good for the price. Both indoor and outdoor. Fast action and slow. Thanks for any help!

  • 1st. time camcorder purchase

    I want to buy a lower priced camcorder that works well in automatic. I am a 1st time camcorder user and plan to shoot and record without making manual adjustments. Ciuld you make a recommentation on this info with and withour image stabilization please. Thank you, chuck P.

  • which camcorder is better?

    never used a camcorder before- am looking @ Canon FS200 -or- Panasonic S26. ???Any help from those who know which is better, or other suggestions???

  • What is an AG-DVX100E- (needed for business -PAL in aust)

    I am starting a hobbie/business in Wedding and event video. i just bid and won a AG-DVX100E - but I it was advertised as AG-DVX100A. Should I proceed with purchase? I am finding info on this model scant. Is it HD, 24p, 16:9? Buyer asking for money and need some help prettyy quick. Thanks.

  • Need easy camcorder with higher zoom

    Hi - I'm not very knowledgable about camcorders. I have one and it is a pain because it has a small cd inside and I find it hard to edit on my computer and upload to facebook and utube. Then I bought a sony pocket usb camera. I love it because of the ease of use, but I want a higher quality video with more zoom. So, I want a camcorder that has some high quality zoom with just the SD cards that you pop out and transfer to a computer to work with. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  • JVC Everio GZ-HD300


    Ok so I have my new camcorder, and would like to know how to record straight onto the hard drive without it prompting me for SD Card?. It states that it has an 30 GB built in hard drve, and I am trying to turn this function on, but the instructions do not state how, or I just cant to see it.

    Please someone point me in the right direction.


  • Need Camcorder for Online Classes

    I'm looking for an easy-to-use (i.e. idiot-proof) camcorder for faculty at my school to use in developing online course content. It needs to deliver good internet video quality... probably have an external mic input for better audio... and record in a .mov or MP4 for easy upload to iTunes U or YouTube U. Oh, and we're under a budget crunch, so best bang for the buck is a must. Thanks!

  • compare hf200 and hdchs250k