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Question: Panasonic HDC-HS250P camcorder, exporting videos help

I bought the Panasonic HDC-HS250P camcorder a short while ago and I can export the videos to my PC okay (into M2TS files) but it appears I can only play the videos on a PC through the included software (which I think is horrible by the way). I noticed that the exported videos play really choppy using Windows Media Player and they each have several extra files (metadata?) included with them. I know I can burn these straight to a DVD and then maybe RIP them back to the hard drive in a file format that will allow me to play the videos normally (I haven't tried it yet but I assume that would work). Is there software that will allow me to convert the software first without wasting a DVD? I'd like to transfer these videos to other PCs fairly easily and be able to share the videos with others, other than putting them on YouTube and onto DVDs. Without software like this, I feel like the camcorder is kind of a waste of money. Any good recommendations?

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    Try AVS4YOU.com. They have a great selection of products. The one you want is AVS Video Converter. It will convert back and forth to every imaginable format.

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