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  • Downloading the videos.

    Hey guys, I have this great camera and both my cards are full. BUT I have misplaced my USB cord to download my videos.
    Is there;
    A - Another way we can download the videos?
    B - Where can I get another cord to fit my camera? I have tried two places to get my cord and both times including JVC themselves have sent me the wrong type. I am either losing my mind or this camera is so unique that I can only get it with the camera.

    Any help would be most appreciative.

  • Start-up issue

    The camera is about a month old. It won't start up anymore, the leds ACCESS and POWER / CHARGE are blinking when turned on. The only reset I can find in the manual is removing the battery and that won't do anything. Any tips before I take it back to the shop?

  • Can we edit JVC movie clips to make a DVD in Pinacle Studio vers

  • Looking for software information on JVC GZ_HM200

    I will like to know what the CD load into the registry (name and content of the folders) ? If anyone can take a snap of what it is loads, will be great.

  • Can I use two different cards in the slots?

    Can I use one SanDisk 32GB SDHC card in one slot and one Toshiba 16GB SDHC card in the other slot?

  • JVC Everio camcorder hard drive


    Ok so I have my new camcorder, and would like to know how to record straight onto the hard drive without it prompting me for SD Card?. It states that it has an 30 GB built in hard drve, and I am trying to turn this function on, but the instructions do not state how, or I just cant to see it.

    Please someone point me in the right direction.


  • Mines not lookin HD.

    My footage isn't lookin HD. It's actually lookin like garbage. Any assistance with that. I've seen test shots on youtube and they look amazing. How do I get that?

  • Transferring Video To my PC

    Using the disc supplied by JVC, should I save the Video footages to the library or to a file in my computer. I saved it to a file , but i cannot open the video so I can watch it or edit. It gave me the option to transform the file to a movie. This is another step and by the time I made the movie, the file became a windows audio/video file and the size is only 320 x 480 ? Am I doing something wrong?

  • How important is PAL/NTSC in the age of HD