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  • Dell inspiron and the zr900

    I am having trouble getting my Dell Inspiron to recognize the cannon zr900. Do I need special vidoe editing software?

  • ZR900 focusing and headphone jack

    Can ZR900 also be manually focused? And is there an A/V port that is separate from the microphone jack, so headphones can be plugged in at the same time as a mic? (even mono... doesn't have to be stereo)

  • Can a ZR 900 take still mode pictures on it as well as video?

    I was wondering if a ZR 900 can take still mode pictures on it while recording or can a still mode picture be created in playback mode on the computer? If not, what budget friendly camcorder can take still mode pictures as well?

  • Do I need special software to store videos into a computer?

    Will the videos be stored in mpeg-2 format? Will any video editing software work?

  • can i mount a skate hande to the bottom of this camcorder?

    i made a handle that can be mounted to the bottom of the camcorder aslong as there is a screw and bolt that can go into the camera.PLEASE HELP!!!!
    sizes of screw and bolt please!!!

  • I am looking for a starter camcorder for my son. He wants to ...

    I am looking for a starter camcorder for my son. He wants to make videos with his friends, edit them and then post on youtube. Is this something he can do easily? What, if any other accesories are needed to do this.