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Question: real hd recording?

Does this record in real HD? I know there are a lot of low priced HD cameras out there today, but I want one that records is real HD for good quality videos

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    Yes it records in HD.
    Not in Blueray quality, but they claim 1920X1080 is the capability of this camera... not so, the tape drive records only 1440X1080
    You may get a 1920X1080 out direct to your TV set with cable but for all intent and purposes it's really useless. Actually 1440 looks better than 1920 rez.

    If you want to see videos created by these HV30 go to www.vimeo.com and search for the camera name. You'll find thousands of them.

    I have nothing but HV30 (4 of them) and use it to shoot music videos.
    www.fotosafariclub.com My host has the original file, download it and see it. 1280X720

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