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  • FS200 - External microphone connectivity

    Bought the camcoder especially for above feature. however its not recoeding the sound. In auto mode it uses built-in mic and in video mode it does not capture the sound at all.
    What could go wrong?

  • Specs

    The Canon specs indicate (http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=ModelInfoAct&tabact=ModelFeaturesTabAct&fcategoryid=2544&modelid=17999&pageno=4) "You can shoot five 1024 x 768 still images per second".
    Has anyone figured out how to set the camera to do this?
    I find that the camera will only take on shot per push of the button, and will ignore any second push less than about two secondss after the first. Thus, I'm no where near that 5 shots/second.

  • fs 200 - can i view what I take on the tv?

    Can I view what I take on the tv? how do I hook it up with the tv and do I have to buy anything else?

  • Getting recordings on to YouTube?

    How do you get the movies from the flash drive on to Youtube? I attached the USB cable to my computer and nothing happened, is it my computer or the cam.....not sure right now but still trying to figure it out......HELP!!!

  • wich sdhc card is better for the fs200?

  • what mememory card should i use?

    trying to figure out which memory card to buy for my new Canon FS200 - any suggestions? (I thought it came with the camera, but apparently not)...

  • What is the difference between the FS100 and FS200?

    What is the difference between the FS100 and the FS200. Supposedly the 200 is an upgrade, but the 100 can be had for less then $275, the 200 is at least $300.