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  • how can I download pic to my pc?

    Took many pic with the Canon FS10 want to download pic to my pc for some reason it won't allow me to do so...why is that? Thanks a quick respond will be greatly appreciated.

  • Need help why can't make DVD from files on my FS10 canon

    Hello all,
    I have a Sony viao desktop and I can't get the video files taken with a Canon FS10 and also AV1 files from my digital still Fuji from the pc on to the disc drive of my pc. I'm trying to burn DVd or Cd's. My click to DVD program has not worked since service pack was installed but I have additional software such as Magic Movie edit pro 2,Creator classic and a few others. Any of you have any ideas that may help me along?
    I have made tons of Dvd's and Cd's using my older model cameras.
    My address is <pezzuti@verizon.net>

  • Canon FS10

    Is there any fisheye lens for this camera? please email me with the answer, chopperhead54@yahoo.com or answer here, THANK YOU!

  • Is there a way to "frame wrap" with this camera?

  • CAn I get extended batteries for this camera?