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Question: Gateway ZX6810-0164GB solid-state hard drive disk space

The Gateway ZX6810-01 uses a 64GB solid-state hard drive for its operating system and most preinstalled applications. It also has a 1TB traditional hard drive that handles the mass data storage for media files and other less speed-sensitive bits. I have installed all additional applications on the 1TB drive. The 64GB solid-state hard drive keeps running low on disk space even thou I am not installing/adding anything. It started off having around 11 GB of free space now it's down to less than 2 GB. On one day I have 6GB the next 4GB then 2GB then back up to 6GB again. Gateways only solution to any issue is just to reinstall the OS. What is taking up all this space & why is it change so dramatically from day to day.