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  • does it have wireless conectivity or not?

    does it have wireless conectivity?

  • acer aspire M1640

    anybody know if there is a LIMIT on the size of sd card this pc can read???
    works ok with 512MB but NOT the 4GB?
    both cards are san disk.
    512MB is defined as FAT the other is FAT32

  • The computer does not support Leadtek's WifastPX 9400GT

    Got any suggestions on what graphics card the computer supports?

  • Manual

    does anyone know where I can get a manual for my Acer Aspire M1640?
    I contacted Acer and they sent me a link to where they said I would be able to download one but there wasn't one there,i have emailed Acer but have had no reply
    This is very frustrating