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  • How can I turn off Talking Caller ID on Handsets, not the Base?

    I am using my new phone only in cell mode (no more land line) and am at the mercy of my LG UX300 cell phone which now carries my old land line number to get my home calls. It will ring 5 times before going to it's voice message mode. I have caller ID and when I get a call, I get the Talking Caller ID on all of my phones (base and the 6 handsets. What I want to do is have the base phone (or just the base) have the talking ID. I want all of the other handsets to just ring (i want to hear those 5 rings on those phones. I followed the instructions on page 43 and then the menue promps using one of the handsets and turned the handset T-ID to off but it still talks. I want only rings on this phone and the other extensions. What am I doing wrong??