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  • Caller ID to Rollover Line 2 Not Working

    I have a primary "6313" line that rolls over to a secondary line "6475" when 6313 is busy. I use a 4Pair wire plugged into the Line 1/2 port on this phone. Both lines have Caller ID turned on (Verizon service). Caller ID works when either line is called independently, but when primary line is busy and incoming call rolls over to secondary line, no caller ID is displayed. Panasonic blames Verizon, Verizon blames Panasonic. Either way, when I'm on the primary line and a new call comes in I can't see a Caller ID, which really makes this phone useless. Any suggestions? Replies to: info@strategicdirect.com Thanks in advance.

  • Expansion

    It says expandable where to i get corless expansions?