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  • Hamilton beach espresso machine 40715 or 40729?

    I have noticed that there is another Hamilton Beach Espresso maker model 40715 that is available for the same price and TestFreaks.com says that it came out at the end of July 2009. They appear to be alike in every way except for the way that they look. I can't find any reviews or information as to why they offer a different model for the same price. Common sense says that they were just improving on the design of the 40729 model but without anybodys reviews or input how do we know it wont be another flop like the 40714 recall with the faulty steam tube a few years ago? Maybe this one brews a better espresso shot or has a better boiler? Maybe it has the same exact guts but gives you more room between the basket and the drip tray for bigger cups?(That was a very popular complaint in many reviews) I have already bought one of these 40715's that I will try for the first time tomorrow morning hoping that it was an improvement. But there is nothing wrong with trying to find a little reassurance from someone who may already know the answer to this and is hopefully more than just speculating. Thanks.