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  • Piece of junk?

    Bought the SE T707 last week, and it has been nothing but trouble. First the wall charger that came with it, was defective. No problem replacing, but then had problems with receiving calls on it. I had a carrying case from my old Motorola flip phone that's very similar to the one that tried to sell me at the T-Mobile store for this new SE. Turns out the screen on the T707 is so sensitive, every time I take the phone out of the case to answer a call, the call automatically disconnects and goes to voice mail EVERY SINGLE TIME. But I can't acarry it around in my pocket, as I do very physical work, and all the cases I have seen for this phone has the same design: with a magnetic closure. It's apperantly the magnet that disconnects the call. When calling T-Mobile, they just told me to turn the phone around in the case, so the front (clock) screen wouldn't swipe by the magnet every time I got it out of the case. I tried several times, but it did not work. The phone is just too sensitive to the magnet! I would not recommend this phone to anybody and regret getting it.

  • When I close my t707,the vibration doesn't work.Why?

    When I close my t707

  • When witll the Sony Ericsson T707 be available in the USA?

    When will the Sony Ericsson T707 be available in the United States? Which carrier will have it?