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  • My K850i wont turn back on at all. no keypad light or anything

    My phone won't turn on. I have had the common problem where the key pad turns on and it vibrates but nothing shows up on the screen. I updated and fixed it and have had no trouble since. But that was around 2 years ago. Now it does nothing when i push the power button. I was taking some pictures and after one of the pictures the screen went black. The phone was still on and the back light for the LCD was still lit. it appeared to freeze when it was saving the picture. I removed the battery and put it back in. Now i get nothing. The camera lends is stuck open. Does anyone know what it could be? I know this phone is pretty old but i'm happy wit it :)

    Thanks all!

  • the k850i was turn off by virus,how can i fix?

  • my lcd broke it was replaced but the touch is not functioning

  • i have a problem about key the sony ericcson.its not function.

  • what is the video format of k850i?

  • sony ericsson k850i games and applications are displayed operati

    games and application of se k850i displayed operation failed

  • how much would it take to change the K850i casing?

    my phones body is full of scratch because its been a year since i've been using it. how much would it cost to repair those scratch?

  • K850i is running slow

    when ever i dial a new number to cal...phone hangs for about a minute

  • how to take apart k850i

    the touchpad on my k850i does not repond or has jammed,how do i take it apart to fit new pad?

  • Can we use K850i LED video light as flash light ?

  • how can format phone

  • why video sony ericsson not clear?

    why video sony ericsson not clear?

  • software problems ericsson k850i

    I have had my ericsson k850i for 6 months and in recent months it is frequently just freezing when in mid call or application. The only way to fix seems to be to remove sim card and batter and then finally it starts working again. Now for past 10 days if I try to send text message or look at inbox/outbox/sent item I just get "operation failed" to make it worse those sending text to me are getting "message sent" even though I receive nothing. Vodafone (my contract holder) are being absolutely useless and suggesting I go without a phone while they spend 10 days repairing it (or trying to repair it) "surely you have a friend with a spare phone" is what I got when raising that this simply wasn't satisfactory

  • Non-functional touch screen

    I love my K850i but really feel like throwing it lately; all of a sudden the touch screen does not work, so i cannot make calls, read or send sms's. i can see them arrive but that is about it. Is this a software upgrade or a manufacturer fault? Hope someone can help!

  • My phone won't turn back on...

    My battery was low and when I got home from work I found that the number pad keeps lighting up white, vibrating and the screen was also white then it pauses and does the same. So I took out the battery and replaced it, then when I turned it on, the keypad just lights up white and the phone vibrates, but it doesn't turn on instead after a pause the keypad lights up and the phone vibrates again, it keeps doing this. When I try to recharge the battery it does the same. I tried to do an update through Sony Ericsson's website, but it failed saying there's an error. Now when I try to recharge the battery the phone doesn't even light up nor vibrate. Is it a problem with the battery or my phone? Please help!