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Question: Sending a text to an email on the SGH-T301G

When I try to send a text message to an email account, I push send and then I get asked to "Enter Email
Gateway". The cursor is flashing, but I have no idea what to enter. The soft keys say "OK" and "Back" on the left and right respectively. Has anyone else come upon this? Can you help? Thanks in advance!!

  • Re: Sending a text to an email on the SGH-T301G

    Tracfone solved the "Enter email gateway" problem after about 1 1/2 hours on the phone with them. Had to enter several sets of codes in the Prepaid/Code Entry Mode screens. Now when the "Enter email gateway" message appears, I just type in the number 500 then press OK and the text message is sent to an email address for just 0.3 units.

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